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How The PumpTire Works


How wear-resistant is the lumen?

The lumen is designed to be functional until the end of the life of the tire. There is some discovery and engineering that needs to take place to make sure we accomplish this. Changing the durometer of the rubber in the lumen for greater puncture and wear-resistance accomplishes this as well as making the lumen out of slightly more exotic compounds than what is usual for a tire.

What are the biggest benefits to using a PumpTire?

The PumpTire saves you time, energy and money. You save time by not having to check your air pressure while keeping your hands clean. You save energy with low rolling resistance; underinflated tires have greater rolling resistance and require more energy to pedal. And finally, the PumpTire may actually save you money. Low pressure tires are prone to pinch flats. This risk is minimized by riding at the right pressure.

Are the tires compatible with my current rims?

Yes. The PumpTire works on standard rims. No modifications are required.

How is the end pressure determined?

The valve that comes with the tire sets the pressure. Both fixed pressure and user available valves from a range of 45-120psi.

Is the tire always pumping?

No, once the tire reaches the set pressure the pumping stops; the valve assembly stops air from being pushed through the tire.

I'm a semi-professional/serious cyclist and would never let my air pressure drop to zero, why would I want to use the PumpTire?

The PumpTire is a high performance product that keeps your tire at the pressure you want. A a set pressure brings reliability and consistency to your ride. Knowing you're getting the right balance of traction and low rolling resistance keeps you moving to reach your highest performance.

Does this mean I will never get a flat?

No, the PumpTire is not a run-flat tire. It is mostly prone to the same injury as other typical bicycle tires (nails, glass, sharp rocks, thorns, etc.) though we are looking to incorporate more puncture-resistant materials into the design. Assuming that your tire is flat from disuse rather than a puncture, some PumpTire models can be ridden at zero pressure and will re-inflate.

Can the Tire inflate from a complete flat?

Yes, but not all models are designed with this capability. Tires suited for general use / casual use have this capability. High performance tires trade off this feature for lower weight and higher performance.

Can the tire be used in the rain?

Absolutely. The tire has a small air filter designed to stop water and other particles from entering the tire.

Are there any weight limits on the PumpTire?

No more than any other tire. In fact, the pumping efficiency increases with weight by collapsing the lumen more thoroughly.

Do the tires work with Presta and/or Schrader valves?

All models can be ordered with either Presta or Schrader valves.